$500 First Place

First Place Winner will also receive 4 gigs within the next 6 months.

Second and Third Place will also receive paid future gigs.


9:00 The Legendary Rooster Band

10:15 Zona Road

11:30 Western Sun

Congratulations to Zona Road for winning!

Bands must be able to play COUNTRY MUSIC for at least 3/4 of their 4 hour show if booked.


Qualifying Rounds are Thursdays September 8, 15, and 29 

First Band:  8:00 to 8:40

Second Band:  9:00 to 9:40

Third Band 10:00 to 10:40

Finals will be on Saturday, October 8 at 9:00 pm.



3731 E. Main St.

Mesa, AZ 85205


Three Judges will be on hand for each Qualifying Round and the Finals.

The judging criteria are as follows (50 points possible per band, **plus any bonus points):

~ Musicianship (15 points)

~ Vocal/Singing Ability (10 points)   

~ Stage Presence/Charisma (10 points)

~ Appearance (5 points)   

~ Entertainment/Crowd Reaction/Audience Participation (10 points)

**Each audience member and contestant will be given 1 vote and 1 point will be added to each person�s score for each vote they receive for that night only. 

Dirty Goat Productions will provide PA System, drum set, amplifiers, and microphones if needed and will schedule all bands.

Call Bill Ludlow at 480-529-2575 or write bill@dirtygoat.com to schedule your band.