Goat Head Saloon Battle Of The Bands 

Winning band will receive $500 and future gigs!


Bands will be judged on the following:

Musical ability
Vocal ability
Stage Presence
Audience response

Each of the three Judges can award up to 50 points per band for a possible total score of 150 points.  Each audience member may also cast their vote which counts as one point towards the band's total. 

This contest is for cover bands, 3 piece or larger, and band members must be over 21.


Qualifying Rounds:

Saturday, August 3 -   Winner - The Jimmy C Band

Saturday,  August 10  Winner - Aperfectool

Saturday,  August 17  Winner - Public Enemy #1


Saturday, August 24 - Finals - 3 bands compete 

9:00 - Aperfectool
10:00 - Public Enemy #1
11:00 - The Jimmy C Band

Call Bill Ludlow at 480-529-2575 or email bill@dirtygoat.com to enter your band!

     The Goat Head Saloon
           1423 S Country Club Dr.
           Mesa, AZ 85210